Saturday, June 21, 2008

Garden Tour

Garden Tour today here in our little town and it was HOT!!!!! I heard someone say it was over 100....

There were big Koi

and little Koi .... and the heat didn't seem to bother them.

And secret little hiding holes.

And of course flowers....

Hope you enjoyed the it as much as we did.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Journal pages and show review

Finally got another set of pages done. Sorry if they appear a little blurry, they weren't when I loaded them?

The Cold Creek Winery Art Show and Wine Tasting went fairly well. I made two sales so more than paid for the trip there. Which is only about 15 minutes from here...:). One of these days I'm going to get brave enough to apply for some of the bigger shows within driving distance and see what happens. There are a few really nice ones in Idaho but hear that they are hard to get into. Never know until you try. And once again I didn't take any photos....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Artistic Alchemy Workshop

I've joined the Artistic Alchemy Workshop for journaling being conducted by Kira from A girl and her journal blog

Our first assignment was where do we journal. Here is what I came up with.

I'm a little behind on background pages, and our second assignment which is color, but I've just been so busy trying to get ready for the show this weekend. It's a new show, at a new winery so I'm pretty excited about that. But for some reason I'm going through a 'creative block' and just can not seem to get anything complete.

I did get two small things matted yesterday. Will have to scan and post them later.

And then on Sunday our computer crashed. So had to hook up the new one. Am hoping we can find someone who can retreive all of my artwork and family photos off the old one.

Off to try and get some artwork done before Saturday.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Some artwork and photos

I did this painting with watercolor crayons while visiting my sister. She now has it in her collection. I don't normally work in watercolor but really like the way it turned out. May have to try more.

Can you tell these two have a rough life?

These next two shots are from the front of our place and this is what I see out my studio window when I'm working in the late afternoons. The sunsets some days just take my breath away. I've spend many an afternoon sipping a glass of wine and watching as the colors and light change. Such a lovely way to end the day.