Saturday, July 21, 2007

Quick update

Can you believe it....I just spend 20 minutes on a post and the darn cat who loves to surf the internet hit a button on the keyboard and I lost the post.....arggggggg.

So will try and recreate.

Lots has happened since last post:

* Mother in law in hospital for almost 2 weeks. Has lung cancer.
* Neice in hospital for 4 days after a car accident. Doing well now.
* Lost one of our horses. Sad sad day.
* One of my BFF's was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. Has recovered very well from the surgery now just waiting to start the chemo.
* Husband laid off from his job.
* I am in danger of losing my jog also. We work for the same company. Will know in a few months. If I wait that long. Am going to start looking now.

On a good note:

* My daughter is going to Japan for a year. Something she has been waiting for since she was a little one.
* Three of my journal pages are going to be published in a book.

This painting was done in a book for our local altered book group. I loved working on this paper. It was a type of parchement paper.

An ATC I did (among the many) for our altered book group. This was one of my favs.

Better post this before the cat (Buffy) decides to surf again....