Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Doodles

It's been a strange month. Weather and emotions up and down, cloudy and gray, sunny and warm...

And more strange doodles

I haven't worked on much else this month, just seem to be holding tightly to the end of the rope, keeping the nose above water.

But spring is here. The first day of spring here was gorgeous...sunny and warm. but the rest of the weekend has been gray, drizzily, windy and cold.

Hopefully spring will bring a lift in spirits.

Monday, March 02, 2009

She's come and gone

But it was so nice to have her home even though it was a short stay. She is safe and sound back in Japan. And I can't wait to go in April to see her and go exploring with her.

In the mean time I go to work and in between phone calls, processing reports and at lunch I doodle.

Week before last I decided to use the same scarp of paper for the whole week and just add to it every day. Here are the results:

And this was last weeks doodles

On Friday last week I had already run out of room on the original paper so started another....

I can see some of these doodles showing up in some future paintings. I may have to make myself a little doodle journal to keep at my desk....