Sunday, September 23, 2007

A little early Halloween ATC

This little lady made it to the home page of Collage Cats Yahoo group. It's always such a joy and honor to have your artwork featured on the home page. The idea for her came to me during a meeting at work. So you can tell I was really paying attention....sometimes sketching during meetings is the only way for me to stay awake.

Had a wonderful thunder/lightening storm last night. It started about 9:30 pm way off in the distance and ended up right on top of us at 2:30 am. The horses of course were not real pleased. I could see them jumping and running around when the lightening would light up right over head. It did get a little scary for a while as it seemed to be right on top of us and I was worried that it would hit one of them.

This was the first real lightening storm we've had this year. There have been quite a few up in the mountains but not many down here. I love turning all the lights out and sitting by the window to watch. It's almost as good as a fireworks display.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

First Travelling Poetry Show

This is my first attempt at posting some poetry for the Travelling Poetry Show this week hosted by jillypoet.

The prompt was uncorked.....and somehow I ended up with this. Totally different than what I started out with.

started slowly


picking up s p e e d

the less hearty

others held tight


a few running
before the dust settled

and we start again.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A day at Summer Camp

Oh what a day. One of our Visual Art's Committee members is a cattle rancher with her husband (she is a horse hair braiding artist and does some truely amazing work..will try and get photos one day and post - it is a dying art). Today was their second annual Mountain Home Arts Council BBQ which they hold up at their summer camp. Which is about 50 miles up the road from our place in town.

What an amazing place. It's hard to believe that this place is 50 miles from where I are only a few of the pictures I took today.

Above is the front gate that greeted us as we walked up to the grove of aspen trees that their summer camp cabin sits in. They have no running water in the cabin, so they have an outhouse and a separate bath house outside the cabin (pics of bath house later). they use solar energy and propane for power.

This next photo is the outside fireplace and in the background is the wood shed.

and here is a photo of everyone sittin round the camp stove. LB (the horse hair braiding artist and owner of the summer camp) is the lady kinda facing the camera with the dark colored glasses.

And look what I found out behind the cabin.....I'm calling this desert driftwood. This wood is from what we call Bitterbrush....I'm not sure why. It looks like sagebrush but the wood is much harder and can actually be used for something. Sagebrush wood is very flakey, falls apart and can't really be used for much of anything. It is so awesome. I wanted to drag the whole pile home but only took one piece....LB offered me more but I didn't want to be greedy...

It was a wonderful wonderful day with wonderful wonderful people. Hope to post more photos later this week.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pelican Commission

This painting was done for my X-sister-in-law. She has a new man friend who has taken her off on a few mini vacations and she wanted to repay him. So she asked if I'd do a pelican for him. And the nice thing is she paid me....:) And she really liked it.

Need to get my arse in gear for the November art show...every one things it's going to be bigger and better than last. Let's hope so. I did really well last year and could sure use another good show.