Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Swans in flight

Tried to post this last night and for some reason it would not let me.....So here it is today.

First real snow this morning. The commute to Boise was a mess but luckily I missed it. Had a doc appointment and didn't leave MH until 9 so missed all the excitement.

But I did see a flock of swan (do they use flock for swans? )... Well what ever you call them I saw about 40 of them flying over the freeway.... I almost ran off the road trying to see what they were. I thought they were geese from a distance but they fly differently than geese and I of course had to try and see what they were.

They were beautiful and I so wish I could have stopped to watch them fly.

Not much time for art this weekend....am cleaning out our upstairs hallway that goes nowhere (long story) to turn it into our library so I can move my art supplies and desk into the front room for a studio and we can move our new (to us anyway, Hubby made a deal) 50 inch screen TV. It's awesome...just like being at the movies. But it will only fit where my art desk currently sits.

It's funny how the universe works. I've been to use the front room as a studio for ages but hubby wasn't to thrilled about moving all the stuff around...well now he is up for it.

Well off to finish dinner.

tata for now

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm a winner

I just found out that I was drawn to recieve a charm that Shari Beaubien had a drawing for on her blog site.. It was a great surprise for me.

Also on the art front (I haven't posted in ages....just don't seem to have the time and sitting at a computer all day long I don't feel like sitting down to it at home)..

Anyway, last Saturday we had out local visual arts group's first crafted beer and art show... below are 3 of the four paintings I sold... This was my first offical art show and am so thrilled that I sold something....much less 4 paintings. The two cat paintings are based on a combination of two of our cats....and seems these little guys were very popular. After they sold (to the same person) people keep asking if I had any more cat paintings. So looks like Saki/Gordo will be showing up in other paintings and situations.

The blackbird went to a gentleman who has been admiring it for a few months now having seen it in the park when we all displayed one piece during the summer concert in the park get togethers. I usually have it hanging in my cube at work so I will be missing him for awhile.

The 4th painting, sadly I did not get a photo of before it sold....I finished that afternoon before the show and was rushing around trying to get ready and didn't get a photo. And I was so nervous at the show that I forgot to take photos. It was really cool and I loved it. It was and 8 X 24 size, gorgeous reds with there kanji characters for Laugh, Live, Love. Had a lot of interest in that one also. I did the Kanji's on rice paper then glued them on to the canvas. It really did turn out very nice. Wish I could share it.

One last photo to share... Has anyone seen a cat lay like this before?

This is Buffy....she is a Manx and she is always laying with her legs out behind her. We have never had a cat that has done this before. It is just so cute. And that little puff of a tail just cracks me up every time I see it. She is one of four kittens (well cats now) that got delivered in our hay last year in April...they weren't even a week old. And of course the rancher didn't want them back and had no idea who the mother was so we ended up keeping them and bottle feeding them. Buffy was the only tail-less one..the others have tails that seem to be longer than normal...and they are huge cats. Maybe will post more pics of them and their story later.

Must run now...have a painting that needs work and horses that need feed.

Can't wait to see my charm that I won :)