Sunday, April 05, 2009

Finally some new art work

A few months ago I taught an art doll class here in town. We had so much fun. Here is the one I demo'd and worked on. It's not completely finished, I'm wanting to do something to the wings - maybe some black netting and possibly add some eyes. Just not sure yet so it's hanging above the art desk.

To see two other dolls created in the class go look at
Brenda's Art Dolls. She's the art teacher at the high school here in town and has asked me to come in to her summer art class and do an art doll class for them. She's hoping to have a robot theme. I'm pretty excited about doing it.

And once a month a group of us here in town get together for "Arty Party". Last month we had it at Bobbi's place. She is the retired high school art teacher and a very popular watercolor artist here in Idaho. We craved little eraser stamps and did some abstract watercolor paintings. Here are the paintings I did.

This one isn't completely finished it needs more white detail work.