Sunday, July 16, 2006

Finally - cont.

This one shows her full length. I love the way her 'tail' turned out. she was quite fun to work on. I really like making these types of dolls. Love working with the untreated heavy canvas.

Did hear from MO. Her and the 17 animals made it to Scotland with no problems. She loves her new home said the garden was beautiful but needed some work as the weeds have been left to flourish for at least a year but the flowers were gorgeous. I'm hoping to make a trip over next spring to visit her and the Loch Ness's always been one of the places I've wanted to see - Loch Ness - and wouldn't it be awesome to see Nessie.....

Ta-ta for now.....

Finally back

Have been so busy lately. Re-org at work (AGAIN) so am learning something new. Sick dogs, I had a bladder/kidney infection and just crazy busy.

But I'm back. Here is what I've been working on (seems like forever). This is a close up of her face.....I've had so much fun making her. She took on a life of her own right from the start. This was not the direction I was going when I started but once the body was created she just took over.

I think she's turned out pretty good. I have a little shell crown for her head but not sure if I want to add it or not. She is actually going to go to a friend and I think I'll let them decide if they want to add the crown.

Okay now it won't let me add another picture. So will post this and start another one.