Sunday, September 23, 2007

A little early Halloween ATC

This little lady made it to the home page of Collage Cats Yahoo group. It's always such a joy and honor to have your artwork featured on the home page. The idea for her came to me during a meeting at work. So you can tell I was really paying attention....sometimes sketching during meetings is the only way for me to stay awake.

Had a wonderful thunder/lightening storm last night. It started about 9:30 pm way off in the distance and ended up right on top of us at 2:30 am. The horses of course were not real pleased. I could see them jumping and running around when the lightening would light up right over head. It did get a little scary for a while as it seemed to be right on top of us and I was worried that it would hit one of them.

This was the first real lightening storm we've had this year. There have been quite a few up in the mountains but not many down here. I love turning all the lights out and sitting by the window to watch. It's almost as good as a fireworks display.


Blogger Tara Ross Studios said...

cute little witchy... love the look on her face

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