Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Swans in flight

Tried to post this last night and for some reason it would not let me.....So here it is today.

First real snow this morning. The commute to Boise was a mess but luckily I missed it. Had a doc appointment and didn't leave MH until 9 so missed all the excitement.

But I did see a flock of swan (do they use flock for swans? )... Well what ever you call them I saw about 40 of them flying over the freeway.... I almost ran off the road trying to see what they were. I thought they were geese from a distance but they fly differently than geese and I of course had to try and see what they were.

They were beautiful and I so wish I could have stopped to watch them fly.

Not much time for art this weekend....am cleaning out our upstairs hallway that goes nowhere (long story) to turn it into our library so I can move my art supplies and desk into the front room for a studio and we can move our new (to us anyway, Hubby made a deal) 50 inch screen TV. It's awesome...just like being at the movies. But it will only fit where my art desk currently sits.

It's funny how the universe works. I've been to use the front room as a studio for ages but hubby wasn't to thrilled about moving all the stuff around...well now he is up for it.

Well off to finish dinner.

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Blogger claudia said...

well big screens are awesome and you got a new studio to boot!!

9:49 AM  

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