Monday, February 18, 2008


No art today. Why? Been trying to clean my house which seems like a never ending battle. My studio is a disaster and the rest of the house is not much better. But little by little making some headway.

Did get this photo of the sunset the other day. course they always look better in person.

Well off to box up knick knacks that I really don't need....maybe will have a garage sale this spring.


Blogger Pam Aries said... that is a sunset! Beautiful. I went back and caught up on your posts. I love orange cats and Purr is gorgeous....seems like Orange cats always have great personalities. The alien weed was freaky!

6:27 PM  
Blogger 1,000 Faces of MotherHenna said...

Beautiful photo -- beautiful sun set! So Jonna, you are the first PIF on my blog -- congrats :) Will you email me with your snail mail address? kara[at]motherhenna[dot]com


3:25 PM  
Blogger ABG said...

what a generous sunset you Westerners get. It looks like a painting...creamy and somehow toothsome

3:18 PM  

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