Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Snow Day

If I weren't unemployed.... :) I am just so thankful that I did not have to drive the 35 miles to Boise and back today. It has been snowing all day here and I can actually sit back and enjoy it.

Here in the snow are two of our 5 dogs. These two, Arko in the foreground and Salty are the ones J hunts with the most. Arko is by far the most intelligent dog I have ever known and I have known and loved a lot of dogs. He will be 11 years old this year and he is my boy - until the shoot gun comes out and then he always looks at me with his little 'sorry mom, but I gotta go huntin' expression. And I can always tell by the way he greets me when they come through the door if they got any thing or not.

The guy that trained him for us also said that Arko was the smartest dog he had ever had the pleasure of training. Arko has sold more German Wirehaired Pointer's to J's friends than we could have. I remember the first time J took two of his friends out hunting with Arko they came back amazed. It seems that when Arko retreives a bird he takes it back to the person who shot the bird and not to J... and I guess he did it every time. He is one amazing dog.

Salty is a retired show dog. She actually went to the Westminister Dog Show, has her Champion title, was highest points because of her kids for a few years and her daughter was the highest winning German Wirehair Pointer for quite some time or whatever they call it. We always tease her now because she likes to eat ...well I won't go into any details and she has the most foul smelling farts ever. But we got her for peanuts due to the fact the couple who owned her were moving and said she was to timid for their breeding program (or maybe it was due to the smelly farts). Timid she is not, not sure why they thought she was.

They both look a little rough in this photo as they haven't had their after hunting season make-over yet.

We did have a little scare this hunting season with Arko. He managed to impale himself on a stick or something. Thank goodness it just went between the skin and muscle but it was on a Sunday so ended up costing an arm and a leg. But he is healing nicely and loving the snow.


Blogger Kate said...

Thanks for the tip on the paper. We are getting a snowstorm as I speak. I have a cold so I won't be venturing out in it. Your blog is very nice, I like your Pear paintings, they are lovely.


7:32 PM  
Blogger Abby Creek Art said...

Arko and Salty are adorable! Glad Arko is ok. He and Maisie could have a nice chat about their injuries.:)

4:24 PM  
Blogger Pam Aries said...

THey are so cute1 I am not into the hunting part... though I know dogs are so well trained for this. !We have Southeastern Wildlife here next month and it is a treat to see the incredible dogs at trials! THey are trained to respond to hand signals!

4:27 AM  

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