Monday, April 09, 2007

Pearls Before Breakfast

Found this wonderful article about Joshua Bell playing his violin at the New York Metro during rush hour. It was both wonderful and sad.

As I was reading the article I keep wondering if I would have stopped to listen. I tell myself of course I would, I love music, I love the violin and I have been late to work because I have stopped to watch the sun rise as I'm out feeding the horses. But would I stop in a crowded city where everyone is rushing around, hurrying to catch a train, etc. We get so wrapped up in our own little worlds that we fail to see or hear the beauty around us.

If the below link does not work the article was from the Washington Post and was titled Pearls Before Breakfast.

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Blogger Nancy Hunt-Bartek said...

I found that sad and hard to believe. For no one to stop is just plain sad for sure. I hope seeing that will help me to stop and smell the roses a little more. No more letting life pass me by. It's just too precious!
fondly, Nancy

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a great response to the Joshua Bell article by a NYC subway musician in her blog:
She interprets the situation differently from the Washington Post reporters... I thought you might find it interesting.

7:27 AM  
Blogger Jonna Barnett said...

dear anonymous - thanks for the comment. I did go out and read and loved her take on the situation. I did find it interesting and loved seeing if from a different prospective. Thanks again. Jonna

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I watched the video my first take was that the music he was playing was helping people walk faster, it was actually helping them move along. What would the reaction have been if he had been playing etherally?

Then I read the SawLady blog. Interesting take.
Thanks Jonna

8:10 AM  
Anonymous said...

Sawlady's blog had some very good comments...beautiful music, too. I wonder how different the reaction of people would have been had they been journeying home instead of to work?

I think it's been proven that people need to be exposed to things in order to appreciate them; one of the first mentions in the article is about how this particular subway system doesn't usually have buskers...

It would be interesting to have comments from buskers as to whether their take is that much less now that so few people ever carry cash.

Chris in AZ

10:11 PM  

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