Saturday, April 07, 2007

A week since Art Fest

Hard to believe that it's only been a week since I was at ArtFest. And then again it seems like forever. I have no pictures to post...bad bad me....I had my camera but just never seem to remember to use it.

I do have to say that I think I enjoyed my classes last year more than this year. Though I did love my classes this year last year I went 'outside' my box and tried some new mediums which I think I will do next year also.

But had a wonderful time with my house mates, meet lots of wonderful people, and the ladies I shared tables with in my classes were so amazing, kind and generous. Thanks Celine, Mary and Lois Kent. You were all amazing. Meet to many to name but it was wonderful to meet the faces behind some of the blogs that visit occasionally.

Thanks to Teesha, Tracey and crew.... Trista-You must stop smiling so much. Every time I saw you, you had a huge grin on your face. T&T you do have such a wonderful family.

I still have unpacking to do...after driving 11 hours to get home I had to be back in the office on Monday morning ... and I still have not fully recovered from the ArtFest experience.

ta-ta-for now



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