Saturday, September 09, 2006

Terrible cold

I have had one of the worst cold's of my whole life. At one point I was ready to go to the emergency room as I could not stop coughing and could not breath. What a way to spend your holiday weekend....and then also out of work two extra days. I'm still not recovered yet sinus still really plugged up.

Here is a painting I did a while back of one of our kittens, well they really aren't kittens any longer they are over a year old now.

Here is a spread I did in a mother/daughter RR book....

Well back to nursing myself through this (hopefully) last phase of this horrible cold.


Blogger claudia said...

better make sure you don't have flu or pnemonia....sounds awful.
Also artfest still up in the air on waitings lists for one class and a room on campus....geez

12:22 PM  

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