Sunday, December 31, 2006

Late Christmas presents.

Finally got my nephews painting complete. He wanted the following text included in the painting:

The calculated components of a human adult:
35 liters of water,
25 kilograms of carbon,
4 liters of ammonia,
1.5 kilograms of lime,
800 grams of phosphorous,
250 grams of salt,
100 grams of saltpeter,
80 grams of sulphur,
75 grams of fluorine,
5 grams of iron,
3 grams of silicon,
little bit of 15 other elements

So I painted part of a torso on the other side of the text. Hope he likes it.

And for my neice I did an art doll. Her fav color is green and the sparkly pink yarn was just screaming her name.

I am also working on an art doll for my ex-SIL but haven't gotten her finished yet. Will probably be getting together with them next week sometime so need to get the other doll finished.

I am in the process of trying to set up art space in the front room. Moving everything from where it was to where it should be. Am trying to purge while doing the moving but I'm not good at getting rid of things. Put am making some progress.

So better get back to the moving so I can finish the doll, assemble the new easel and start on some more paintings for the upcoming art show in Feb.

ta-ta for now


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