Friday, May 29, 2009

New member of the family

A few months ago we lost one of our 4 legged family members. It's still to painful for me to talk much about but it lead to the addition of another member to our family.

My husband is a bird hunter (among other things which we do not see eye to eye on) and Arko his main hunting dog (who is really my dog unless it is hunting season) turned 12 years old this year..where does the time go. (all my pics of Arko were on the old computer....)
Anyway we decided that with Arko getting up there in years it would be a good idea to get someone to start training to take his place (which we did not really want to think about but....) he is:

Dylan at 8 weeks old.

And Dylan after I came back from Japan at 10 weeks:

He's a handful and is keeping everyone on their toes.


Blogger Pattio said...

Oh Jonna, He is adorable! and his markings are really nice. We had German Short Hairs too and they are so fun. Sorry to hear of your loss. Our poodle Cody is also 12 and is really big but is doing well.

Hugs Patti

11:18 AM  

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