Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Does not do a mother's heart good!!!!!

Subject line of e-mail I got from my daughter today:

At 6:50AM

Upon opening the e-mail:

"we had a small earthquake! It was kind of exciting. I woke up before it started and was trying to go back to sleep. I heard like a large boom sound and then everything started shaking but nothing fell onto the floor it was kind of long though. Here it was only a 2.0 but at the center it was a 4.8 by the Sea of Japan. Anyways that was my excitment for the day.
Love ya"

Thank goodness she's not near the epicenter....it looks like it was on the other side of the island...but still in the one of the blueish areas. Here is the link I looked it up on to see how far away she was from it

she doesn't remember it but when she was about a year old we had an earthquake here in Idaho. It was pretty minor where we are but at the epicenter it killed two children on their way to school when the side of a building fell on them. At the epicenter it was pretty bad.

Just one more thing for me to worry about.....sigh. And I was doing so good about not worring about her (most of the time).

I'll be there about 2 months....lets hope there are no earthquakes then.


Blogger ABG said...

good lord. What I loved was the jaunty, "Love ya"
If it helps, my mother just turned 92. She's stopped worrying. Alicia

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Tina said...

Yeegads! Glad all is well. I can't imagine that I'll ever stop worrying about Tanner. He'll never be able to cross the street by himself let alone traipse half way around the world. I'm totally serious.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Hillary said...

When my daughter was in Japan for 8 years I would hear on the news "big killer earthquake in Japan" but call my daughter and she would say something blase such as "oh yeah, it was someplace else. It shook a little here, but nothing really." They have them all of the time.
So, get blase or old before your time, girl.
Just wait until she decides to go on a three week trip to China. Like - if you don't hear from her in three weeks who do you contact in China? Where do you start talking to people about a daughter gone missing in such a place? Thank goodness Gretchen never went missing, but I did have to learn to let it go, she is alright. Oh - and Jonna, there is a typhoon season to look forward to as well. Yep. kids....
But to be honest... it is our job as mothers to raise them to be able to become adults who can take care of themselves in the world. So - Good Job!!!!
(think about YOU having to live with your mother for the rest of your life because she just could not stand the idea of you getting hurt/lost/etc. ok now stop thinking that or you will have to throw up).

4:55 PM  

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