Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day May Day

Was talking to a friend today when I realized it was May Day. I asked her if she had ever made May Day baskets when in grade school, she said she hadn't. I only remember doing it once. I must have been in first or second grade. We lived on the other side of town from the grade school and as I walked home that day I was so excited about placing that wonderful, beautiful May Day basket on our front step, ringing the door bell and hiding somewhere that I could see my mothers face when she found her surprise.

I waited in the bushes for her to open the door. She flunge it open and started yelling for me, not even looking down at the basket. I had no idea what was going on so came out of the bushes and tried to tell her about the basket but she wasn't listening. It broke my heart.

Once inside found out why she was so upset. My grandmother who lived in Arizona (we were in Oregon) was going into the hospital to have some skin cancer removed and my mother, along with me, my sister and brother were all going to Arizona. My mother had a younger brother and sister whom she was going to have to take care of while my grandmother was in the hospital. Funny the memories that can come flooding back.
The painting posted today is a few years old. It was of our poplar tree out behind the house. The poor thing hasn't been healthy the last few years...not sure if it's going to make it or not. Sometimes it's really hard to keep things growing in the desert.
Hope everyone has a wonderful, beautiful May Day.


Blogger Abby Creek Art said...

That is such a poignant, bittersweet story of childhood. Thanks for sharing that, Jonna.

Really like that Poplar tree painting!

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How odd. My memory of the same day and leaving a basket for my mother was also not what I expected. I left the basket on the door and rang and waited and waited.
Finally I picked up my basket, opened the door and found my mother lounging on the sofa... she said that she knew it was one of us kids ringing the bell and she did not feel like getting up.
The kind of thanked my for the basket, but went right back to her "true romance" zine.
That was the only basket I remember ever leaving.

7:02 PM  

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