Monday, September 15, 2008

Wise old dog

He was the wise old dog.
He had been there forever.
He knew it all.

She was the young pup.
She had only been around a few years.
She was still learning.

Wise old dog always got the best.
Wise old dog was always first.
Wise old dog took what he wanted.

Young pup patiently waited
For what was left.
Young pup didn’t mind being second.
Young pup let wise old dog have what he wanted.

But one day,
Wise old dog took Young pup’s bone
Wise old dog did not chew on the bone
Wise old dog just guarded the bone so
young pup could not have it

Young pup did not think this was fair
Wise old dog had already eaten his bone
And clearly did not want young pups bone

Young pup perked up her ears
Young pup started barking
And raced around the front of the house

Wise old dog who was also the great protector
Of all that he resided over could not let young pup
Protect the place by herself
Wise old dog jumped up from his guard post by the bone
Raced around the house barking and snapping and snarling

Young pup came racing around from the other direction
Grabbed up her bone and disappeared into the brush
Wise old dog came back confused because there had
Been nothing to protect against
Then noticed that young pups bone was missing

Wise old dog knew that he was not as wise as he once was
Wise old dog let out a sigh and laid down
Wise old dog knew that
Young pup was on her way to becoming a
Wise old dog.


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